Vanilla Visa Gift Card Features, Benefits, Activation Process And Other Guide

The Vanilla Visa Gift Cards is quite similar to debit cards, however, it is different but based on its functioning, these two are very alike. One must take note that these cards can only be used at the stores where Visa debit cards are accepted and these cards can be accessed only in the United States or else at the District of Columbia. There are many things about Vanilla Visa Gift Cards that you must not be aware of, but if you are interested in knowing these crucial details then you are on the right platform. Today, we are going to talk about this prepaid card, so the interested readers can read the full article to get to know more about Vanilla Visa Gift Cards.

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards Overview

Here’s every major detail regarding Vanilla Visa Gift Cards that you should know, let’s check it out.

Applying and Card Charges

You can easily purchase Vanilla Gift Cards via online at the official portal i.e. Other than that, you can also purchase these cards at the partaking retail locations as well. You can buy the Gift Cards by using American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or else by Discover credit cards. The charges for the card can be ranged from $20 to $500 denominations. If you are applying it through online, them its Delivery may take some time on the basis of the shipping method.

Delivery & Shipping Method

There are mainly three types of shipping method that you get to select for and those are Rush Shipping which takes up to 5 and 9 business days; Expedited Shipping which takes 6 to 10 business days; and last but not the least, Standard Shipping which takes 9 to 14 business days.

Online Account & Check Previous Order

You can also create your online account at after activating the card from where you can perform various online activities. In the registration process, you will create your user ID and password through which you can login to your online account and view your previous orders and transaction history, etc.

Note: If in case your Gift Card order hasn’t arrived even after crossing the last maximum day of shipping, then you must contact at 1-800-571-1376 and then provide your order reference number along with the payment card number that has been used in order to make that order.

Where Vanilla Gift Card can be used??

These gift cards can be used anywhere. Wherever visa cards are accepted, you can use these gift cards there. These gift cards cannot be used for recurring bills and for ATM use.

How to activate Vanilla Gift Card??

The best way to get your card ready to use and pre-activated is to get it from Try purchasing your card directly from so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of activating the card manually.

You can also purchase your card from a retail place. If you buy the card from retail, the cashier will activate your card within no time and hand it over to you (activation fee may apply). If your card is inactive or not activated even after purchase then you can get it activated through

After the activation process is completed, if you want to make the first purchase, you need to first register your zip code as well as the pin online.

If you want to check the balance of your card then also you can go to the site and check the balance or you can directly feed the URL balance/. If you don’t want to go check your balance online then you have another option available. You can call a toll-free number given on the back of your card.

You can dial that number and could know your card balance.

In case of any loss or theft, you should remember certain things to claim your card. The important details are Gift Card Number, 4 digit card identification code on the front, security code on the back and customer service number.

How to use a Vanilla Gift Card??

The Vanilla Gift Card is as simple as other prepaid cards. While doing any kind of payments, you just need to put your card in the front. Swipe your card and tap on “Credit”. Now at last you can take the receipt as well.

The transaction that you make with this card will reduce the entire amount of the product you purchase from the balance including taxes, charges or any other fee. If your card has a sufficient balance for the purchase then you can directly make a purchase by reducing the full amount including taxes. If the amount is insufficient for the payment and you want to do the part payment in two parts then before doing the transaction, you should notify the merchant.

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Vanilla Gift Card Check Balance

In order to check your Vanilla Gift Card current balance, you have to go to or you can dial the toll-free number at the back of the card. By providing the card’s security code, expiration date and card number, you can check your card’s balance. To check online, you’ll have to sign in to MyVanilla’s online portal.

If in case you find difficulty in finding the official toll free number then some of those numbers are here listed below:

800-571-1376 (Vanilla Gift)

877-770-6408 (One Vanilla)

1-855-686-9513 (My Vanilla)

In addition to that, you can also use the mobile app in order to check the balance of your card.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card Lost/Stolen? Here’s What to Do

If in case you have lost your gift card or if you believe that it has been stolen then you must call their customer service straightaway and dial 1-800-571-1376 to contact their official representative. In order to verify your identity, you will be asked certain details regarding your card such as your card number and other details as well. As soon as you have answered their asked details correctly, you can get the replacement of the card, but if you failed to provide your identifying information then they cannot provide you with any replacement.

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